Tuesday, 9 July 2013

My Little So Called Garden....

 Tampaka plant..which is traditionally used to increase blood in your body and also to cleanse blood..got it from a friend while visiting her last weekend. You can read more posting regarding this plant in our fellow gardening blogger's blog, Kebun Bahagia Bersama. Click here for more info on this plant ( but this article is only available in Malay). You can also read here and here too, for other food that is used to increase blood in your body or on how to cleanse it.

Pink Petunias. The purple ones was brutally attacked by some white fuzzy bugs. I think it's wooly aphids and it slows down the growth. I could basically see the difference with only 2 or 3 purple flowers only blooming compared to the pink ones. Sprayed them with neem spray last weekend. No idea whether it's going work or not. Hopefully it will recover soon! speedy recovery,purple petunias! hehehe ;)

 A sneak peek of my container "garden" (too tiny for a garden....hehehe) :P
I have to stop growing veggies for the time being due to time restriction & also caused by the laziness syndrom of the owner of this garden to start over... LOL :P

Japanese Moss Rose..the easiest to grow...but still, too shy to produce flowers in my garden! LOL :P

Pandan Leaves. I need to get another container.

Chinese Chives. Got it from a friend last weekend. After a few times of failed attempts growing them from seeds. The only successful one was growing it up to 1 inch long and then it disappeared.....no luck with this one! My neighbour's chives on the other hand grows beautifully in a polystyrene container. I wonder how did he do it! Should get a lesson or two from him in gardening!

Water celery in a DIY pink self-watering container...it was flooded with water after a heavy rain.

Another one just planted last weekend. Got it from a friend also.The edible Pennywort or known as pegaga in Malay. I'm not sure whether this variety is semi-aquatic or not. Any idea? Good in traditional Malay style salad.or you can also juice it..you can read here for the health benefit of this plant...:)


  1. Cute besen warna pink menceriakan.
    Banyak koleksi tanaman.
    Macam kenal je kawan hank kebun tu...hehehe. ..happy gardening .

    1. hehehe sebab pokok tu suka byk air, saya tanam dalam colander & letak besen kat bawah....kaler pink tuh mak yg pilih hehehe...& dah agak dah Diana maybe kenal kawan tu hehehe ;)

      byk koleksi yg senang jaga je....yg kena byk attention kena stop dulu.....:)