Monday, 9 September 2013

"Those who labour in the earth are the chosen people of God." -- Thomas Jefferson

Panjang plak title...LOL.... :P Ignore the long title of this post....too many things going on in my head right now, i have no idea on what to write and my brain is basically at its  idle(:p) stage now to think of a suitable idea for the title of this post.....otak beku after a long day at work......Monday blues it is........ :P Let's just enjoy the not too clear pics taken with my cellphone cam... :)

Another species of pennywort or pegaga

White stem Pak Choy

Red Chilli

Virginia Stock Flower

Zinnia,Pea,Marigold and 2 varieties of Cherry Tomatoes

Waiting for these to germinate......

"She (or he!) who plants a seed beneath the sod and waits to see a plant, believes in God."-anonymous

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  1. Let's get dirty to make clean food---Gardening!!

    1. Hi, Olive...thanks for dropping by...let's do it! :)

  2. Rajin kan menanam. Luas ke kawasan nak tanam?