Thursday, 4 August 2011

All Seedlings Are Popping Up...Finally!

After almost a week of waiting n waiting n waiting,finally  those seeds that were sowed earlier are showing signs of life...pheww....:) I wonder why bok choy and tomato seeds take longer time to pop up compared to other seeds...Is it a normal thing for those plants? Or maybe i grew em too deep in the soil.....i really have no idea.....These photos were taken about 2 days ago.....I could see more seedlings this morning,actually....:)

Bok Choy - they first batch sowed didn't pop so i've sowed new ones and this is the result :)

Tomatoes - not so many seedlings from those seeds sowed earlier :(

Cauliflower, Bok Choy and more Lettuce seedlings...:)

I'm planning to sow more seeds today if time permits...maybe some chinese chives and basil...bought more seeds last Saturday and still didn't managed to do anything with em....time is never enough for me....especially during Ramadhan...I've got lots to do before Eid Mubarak celebration...:)

"But if each man could have his own house, a large garden to cultivate and healthy surroundings - then, I thought, there will be for them a better opportunity of a happy family life."  -George Cadbury


  1. You will busy transplanting those newly sprouted seedlings after a few weeks.

  2. I think seeds just have a mind of their own. I've planted seeds from the same pack, in the same type of soil, same watering schedule, same temperature and had them all come up at different times. Sometimes I get too anxious and put in more seeds, then everything comes up at once and I have too much!

  3. I love the quote. It's so true! It's amazing how a garden and good food can bring a family together. It's said that the vast majority of families in the US don't realize this.

  4. MK Girl..yuppss...definately...but i think i'll try to postpone most of the transplanting work till after raya...hopefully....insyaallah..:)

    Granny...i totally agree....we could never know what's gonna happen to those seeds after we sowed em...;)

    Thomas...same fact, both could bring everyone from all over the world together..:)

  5. You must be so busy after few weeks later to replant your veggies. Happy to see them grow, and the happiest moment is during harvesting time ;) I totally agree with your quote ;)

  6. Lately, i wrap seeds with damp kitchen tissue, let them break and root indoor. Then i put each into little pots. It works better that way., yours look alright. Happy gardening...

  7. Orchid de dangau..yuppsss i'm gonna be busy but i found gardening very therapeutic and relaxing....esp after a hard day's work at the office ;)

    Bangchik and Kakdah..thanks for dropping by...and thanks for that idea...i was thinking of growing taugeh indoor that way actually LOL thanks to u,now i know that i could apply that to new seeds as well..will definately give it a try..;)