Monday, 1 August 2011

Let's Move It....

First of all, just wanna wish Salam Ramadhan Al Mubarak to my Muslim readers/followers....Semoga Ramadhan ini membawa keberkatan untuk kita semua..insyaallah,aamiin..:)

Back to gardening, i managed to move 3 plants (rose,morning glory and thai bird's eye chilli) to a bigger pot last saturday.....i'm not sure whether it's too early to move those morning glory though.....hopefully they'll grow at their best in their new home..:P

bird's eye chilli

morning glory getting ready to move into their new home..
thinking of getting bigger hanging pots/baskets for them :)

my rose plant..before and after.....i wonder why but it seems like it 's dying...:(
hopefully, it will be better in a new pot..

i also managed to clean (and replanting) the aloe vera in its pot after years of being abandoned by it's owner (that's me..:P) 
aloe vera : before and after..:)

Went to Tesco Store and buy some gardening tools as well..and some more seeds...(will come up with the photos later..) I cant wait to start seeding them....but i definately need more pots and,they'll have to wait for a while,i guess....that's all for today...have a great day! :)

"Gardening is how I relax. It's another form of creating and playing with colors. "

-Oscar de la Renta


  1. You can recycle yogurt or marjerin container for seeds propagation. Hope all your plants bounce back. Selamat berbuka Puasa.

  2. I need to put bird's eye chili on my list of things to grow next year. Hopefully they are as easy to grow as other varieties.

  3. I think the morning glory would be lovely in a hanging pot, except it would probably try to grow up the pot hangers!

  4. MK Girl..i need to stock up on pots to grow em actually....untuk semai benih tu dah cukop rasanya...thanks anyway......good idea tu...n selamat berbuka too...;) mcm mana puasa kat sana? far it's considered quite easy to grow chillies in our climate..all the best to u :)

    Leigh...i was thinking of doing that too...i'll move em into those hanging pots later...thanks..:)