Tuesday, 25 October 2011

New Place

I have recently moved to a new place....and too bad those seedlings that i sow back at the old place didnt make it, due to my busy schedule and a lot of things going on mostly family stuffs that requires me to travel a lot, so those seedlings were basically abandoned (watering them was the main problem when i was not around) & they're now all gone...just like that..my bad..:(

But guess what? I've started to sow some more seeds last week..it works out really well...but still, i have one tiny problem! Those darn cute cats!!! urghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

Will update with photos of my new seedlings later...haven't got the time to snap pics of em yet...but will do my best to take a good care of those seedlings this time....:)

more seeds :) 

managed to sow all of the seeds in the above photo last week, but still no sign of germination for parsley,chives,basil and sage....:( hopefully those seeds are still good....but i'm happy to see okra,cabbage,bok choy,eggplant and white raddish sprouting...and it's been raining almost everyday last week....:)

more "tools" :P 

Last but not least, Happy Deepavali to this blog reader who're celebrating Deepavali tomorrow..:)

"Gardens are not made by singing 'Oh, how beautiful,' and sitting in the shade." 


  1. better do some germination test on those seeds packets. We don't know whether the seeds still viable (alive) or not especially when it bought from supermarket or hardware store.

    Just an advice from me.

    Best way to avoid cats is by... i dont know. heheh. I only faced problem with chickens. I solved it by cover a net on my seedling tray and put it high enough so that the chicken won't see those tray. If they do... roasted chicken for dinner. :)

  2. Wah your tools so cute and colourful. Good Luck with seed sowing. I don't have much luck with eggplant germination probably too cold for them here yet.

  3. X sabar nk tgk kebun hangkebun yg baru..:)

  4. The tools look quite familiar, except mine had gone rusty....

  5. Hi,Wong...thanks for the info..:)

    MK Girl,managed to get only 1 eggplant seedling...trying my best to save it...hopefully it works for me here..thanks..:)

    Avia...thanks..tgh suspen ni huhuhu :)

    Bangchik & kakdah...it shows that those tools are doing their job pretty well..hehehe ;) i have the rusty ones too..belongs to my late dad..:)

  6. Good luck with new seed. The tools look so colorful... Semangat baru untuk berkebun:)

  7. Many seeds for sowing! Hope you have 100% germination!