Friday, 11 November 2011


Nuthing much to say...just enjoy these new "garden" pots of a few different plants...LOL  :P these pics were taken at my new place...there's a lot of space to grow a bigger garden actually..but i dont have much energy time to look after such a big scale bigger garden...therefore,for the time being, i'm happy with a small scale container gardening,..:)

taken a few weeks ago :)

bottom pics : the small space i was talking about..:)

Thai Chillies/ Birds Eye Chillies
doing quite well...2nd bloom with lotsa hot n spicy small chillies :)

Sage seedlings, Chinese Chives & Basil
 still no signs of life from chinese chives & basil after 2nd round of germination...bad seeds,maybe..:(

Spring Onion
top pic : before fertilizer ; bottom pic : latest pic taken yesterday :)

 right pic : latest as at yesterday  :)

Bok Choy & Kailan
top pic : latest pic as at yesterday      bottom pic : a few weeks ago

planning to grow it upside i've transferred em into hanging pots which i manually drill a small hole at the bottom of those pots..managed to transfer em into those hanging pots last weekend...gonna hang em probably this weekend..delaying to hang them just to make sure that their roots are strong enough to defy (cant think of the right word at the moment) the force of  gravity hehehe :P

left pic : only 1 seed managed to survive :P 
right pic : latest pic & i've sow some more eggplant seeds last week....
& only manage to get 1 more eggplant seedling! grrrrrrrrrr!!!

no signs of life...:(

right pic : the latest pic as at yesterday :)

White raddish
right pic : latest as at yesterday
with some new idea wot happen to the older ones...cats,maybe?

Parsley and Sage :)

Cabbage & Cauliflower :)

"I grow plants for many reasons: to please my eye or to please my soul, to challenge the elements or to challenge my patience, for novelty or for nostalgia, but mostly for the joy in seeing them grow" -David Hobson


  1. Cool! I too love container gardening. It just time is my limit for now. Having a student life really crank my time as a gardener. Although living in a quarters also part of the limiting factors for me.

    Wish you the best in container gardening. Can't wait to see the whole result.

  2. thanks,Wong...same here...i dont have much time to look after em...all the best to u with ur studies..:)

  3. Jelesssssssssssssssssssssssss.. neway All the best my dear....

  4. Look like you will be busy with transplanting. Growing chives from seeds a bit difficult. I also tried many times and seeds germination was rather poor. Chives seeds need to be fresh for good germination. Most of the allium family are like that. But after several attempt of getting seeds to germinate and grow, you will be very happy and satisfied.

  5. That's a lot of seedling and seeds! Good luck!

  6. Chubby,,thanks,dear...:)

    MK Girl..yuppss...i need lotsa pots n space n time to do that huhuhu ;) n thanks for the inco..:)


  7. I love container gardening too. It gives you a certain "flexibility" - you can buy more pots when you need (want) them, and you can re-arrange the ones you have whenever you feel like it.

  8. Hi HangKebon,
    Thank you for your comment on my blog. And many good wishes for your garden.

  9. Hi, Anita....thanks for ur kind wishes & thanks for dropping by...:)

  10. Hi Mark...sorry i've missed ur comment...thanks for dropping by..yuppss...i totally agree with u..container gardening does give me more fact, i've just rearrange all those pots last weekend..:)