Wednesday, 30 November 2011


when i first started container gardening adventure, the main point was to try to use recycled material as much as far i've kept a lot of used cooking oil containers, mineral water bottles etc...but a few weeks ago, this guy managed to make me laugh smile at his creativity...;)

 Yes, he's using used toilet tank as pots for those plants....i was laffing but at the same time i was amazed that he could think of using those tanks as a potting medium...;)

"In gardening, all things useful are beautiful." -Tovah Martin, "Victoria" magazine, April 1999


  1. I have seen people using bathtubs to grow plants, and old wheelbarrow too.

  2. Wow, what a creative way to use old toilet tanks!

  3. Bangchik & kakdah..yuppss...i've seen a lot on the internet & it's amazing to see how creative some people are..;) i.e the usage of coconut & bamboo in hydroponics system in fiji..;)

    Kitchen flavors..yes...i found it very creative too...thanks for dropping by....:)

  4. That person must be very good in recycling! Really creative!

  5. I've seen many a recycled toilet at allotment sites. But this is pretty clever.

  6. Salam Lynna,

    Mak Aji ada toilet bowl satu yang terpakai, dok tersebek kat belakang, pernahlah terlintas nak jadikan pasu bunga tapi risau pulak takut ada yang geli tengokkannya. Kalau tanam bunga takpa kut nooo, kalau tanam sayur mungkin rasa lain macam sikit kut!

    1. wsalam Mak Aji...saya ok kot kalo tanam bunga hehehe creative gitu....kalau yg lain takot mak aji sdri pon tak lalu nnt......kalo tank dia ok lg...hehehehhe ;)