Friday, 2 December 2011


Growing tomatoes upside down?? Never heard of it until i  saw the topsy turvy tomato commercial on the internet when i was googling about container gardening...& it got me interested right away to try it in my container i'm kinda experimenting now...2 pots of upside down tomatoes  & another 2 pots using the conventional way of planting tomatoes..i really hope that both will work out great..:)

You can refer to these sites if you're interested in growing tomatoes upside down...:)

I'm using the normal hanging pot but i have to manually drill the bottom of the pot in order to insert the tomato seedling...then left it for one week to make sure that it is strong enough before i hang it upside down

2 pots of topsy turvy tomato plant

"Gardening is cheaper than therapy and you get tomatoes."  ~Author Unknown


  1. Great way to do topsy turvy tomato growing on your own accord and savign pennies from buying a gadget. Looking forward to seeing how they turn out and then maybe I will give them a go.

  2. Lama nak buat projek ni tak terbuat-buat. Senang sikit nak petik tomato nanti. Tak sakit pinggang asyik bongkok cari tomato.

  3. Shaheen...i can't get the topsy turvy set in my country,& it's quite expensive to buy & get it shipped the best option i have is to try to be a bit creative & do it myself...:)

    MK Girl...insyaallah,boleh buat ni..senang & cepat je nak buat & simple jugak...tapi hasilnya taktau lagi la far 1 pokok tomato je berbunga...2 lg tanam mcm biasa lom berbunga lagi..:)

  4. oh innovative! clever you!

    gonna copycat! btw your tomato plant, seeds from home kitchen or store bought? I just bought a packet and wonder if they will germinate.

    much thanks,

  5. Hi,Emily...
    thanks for dropping by...i'm using the store bought tomato seeds..:)
    Good luck with urs...& happy new year to u..:)