Monday, 12 December 2011


Looking at these makes me wonder some people are willing to spend so much time & effort in their garden...hopefully these signs of fruitful promises will do well and we could enjoy it :)

Okras :)

Tomatoes :)

Bird's Eye Chillies :)

"Weather means more when you have a garden. There's nothing like listening to a shower and thinking how it is soaking in around your green beans. " ~Marcelene Cox


  1. That's the beauty of gardening. You'll begin to appreciate Allah's gifts. The weather, soil, the Sun, even the wind and the insects (the pollinators), and best of all, the harvest. :)

  2. Thanks, En. Iskandar..u're absolutely right..:)

  3. Wah! I can't believe it! It's tomato. I never thought that tomato can be grown in low land. I just know that tomatoes were grown in Cameron Highland.

    Congratulations to you Mr. hangKebon.

    p/s: The cat's chilies look delicious cooked with kangkung. :)

  4. I especially like the chillis - of course!
    I love the cat-shaped plate too...

  5. parents have been growing tomatoes on lowland for years..& it works quite well for them..but this is my first time growing tomatoes...:)

    Mark...i can see that from ur profile pic ;) & i love that cat shaped plate too..:)

  6. Tomato from your hanging tomato?Wah syoknya sana cili supply tak putus-putus. The cat looks happy.

  7. MK Girl..yupsss..that's from the hanging tomato...:) Kucing tu happy sebab dia lom rasa lg cili yg pedas tu hhehehe nmpk je kecik letak 3/4 bijik dah bleh keluar air mata bila mkn hehehe