Sunday, 11 December 2011


Found some visitors having free Sunday afternoon buffet in my edible garden... :P & sprayed some garlic & pepper concoction on the leaves..hopefully these uninvited guest wont come again...;) For more info on homemade & natural pesticides & fungicides, please visit this link or here if u have problem with ants :) 

 Snail...found him climbing my chilli tree :)

Mr. Itsy Bitsy Spidey happens to be there too :)

I dunno what type of beetle is this... :)

I dunno what's its name either... :)

Though snails are exceedingly slow,
There is one thing I'd like to know.
If I out run 'em round the yard,
How come they beat me to the chard? ~Allen Klein


  1. I've heard from an organic farmer that he used some lime on his soils to stop garden snails from intruding his beds. I don't know whether it's work or not but you can try it with crashed pieces of chicken egg shells. Salts is bad for the soil cuz it will kills all the good microbacteria in the soils.

    and... i don't think spiders have to do with pest controls. They help you to reduce some pests. :)

  2. thanks for the info,Wong.....that spider happened to be there when i was snapping photos of those uninvited, why not include him/her in this post? hehehe ;)

  3. And to avoid cockroaches you can have a look on this video. He has such a good tip avoiding it.

    It's DIY after all.

  4. Thanks, far i dont have problem with cockroaches...but good video to share..:) i'm now experimenting with self-watering plastic containers using plastic bottles...i'll write a post on this later...u can visit this site if u're interested...:)

  5. Thanks! I'll keep it in my diary. Right now my priroty goest to my study. I need to focus on growing sprouts. :)

    Owh, talking about plastic container, this website too talk about it. But more to hidroponic.

  6. Tq for the info, Wong....

    i love hydroponics but for the time being i dont think i'll go with large scale hydroponic systems...i dont have much space in my garden for those stuffs..but i really love the recycled water bottle usage in self-watering gardening system that's why i'm currently experimenting with this.. :)

  7. i see self-watering gardening system with recycled bottle/containers as a much more simple kinda hydroponic compared to those large scale using pipes, pumps & such....not for me..not yet! :)