Friday, 30 March 2012


This is gonna be a really short (maybe not...:P) update....

First of all, to MK Girl, i'm terribly sorry i didnt get the chance to update what happened those seeds that were given away a few months ago....i really appreciate it, but my bad...i only managed to grow some red romaine lettuce & dill a few weeks ago....the imperial larkspur didnt work for didnt sprout..but i'll definately try again...;)

p/s : maybe sbb saya tak jaga pokok2 tu dgn penuh kasih bad....huhuhu

Tomatoes update! Those upside down tomatoes were  growing too slow and managed to bear only 4 fruits..LOL...i just have to let them go...maybe the pot was too small...and to make it worse, last weekend i've destroyed all of my tomatoes because they happened to be infected by some kinda fungus, i think...and they were dying...i didnt want those fungus to get on other plants, so sad, i have to let them go...they actually did spread to other plants because my okra that were placed besides those tomatoes also shows same signs of dying....any idea on how to save those okras?

Tomatoes before they were brutally attacked by fungus..

Okras that's so delicious in fish curry :) supposed to post this curry update a few months ago..LOL

Choy Sum...i've stopped growing them for a while...not a big fan,i guess but it's good in soup/stir fry...:)

Last but not least,some more picture updates from my teeny tiny garden :)

Visitors! Grasshopper & dunno-wth's-that??? Any idea what kinda insect/creature that is?

Turmeric......i need to dig em up and start growing new ones before its root gets too old...

Screwpine...i've used em in so many local malaysian dish..:)

Daun Kesum/ Vietnamese Mint...definately needs a bigger pot!

Curry leaves.


Chillies after being trimmed in flowering stage again...this chilli plant never failed me! it keeps on bearing nice hot chillies which is too hot for me & my family to consume so much...LOL :P


The one and only flower in my garden...and i dont even know what kinda flower it is...any idea what's the name of this flower?

I'll definately try to grow tomatoes again...but currently,space is my main concern...& i really wanna try growing bell peppers as well..managed to safe some seeds and will start sowing them as soon as possible...and wil try to update as well..;)

"I am sure that if you plant the trees back again, it will do nothing but good." 
-Michael Fish 


  1. The flower stem looks like portulaca plant. I posted about them last year if you like to confirm and check my archive. Tomato plant get disease easily when humidity is high.In that time tomato need good air circulation so its better to grow them apart.

  2. Yikes! the insect is just like the one I posted, the only thing is mine is prettier! hahaha!
    You have many varieties of plants, I intend to start again with the tomatoes, I had about 2 dozen cherry tomatoes before the plant gave up on me, so frustating! Happy Gardening!

  3. Hi,

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    Thank you in advance and hope to see you there :)

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  4. Hi, Sherynn..i've joined ur fb group..:)

  5. MK Girl..thanks for the info..i'll google it up! :)

    Kitchen Flavours....i'm having some problems with tomatoes & chillies...they are prone to be infected with some kinda white thingy under the leaves...

    Vaux Hall..thanks for dropping by..:)