Sunday, 7 October 2012

Hello...I'm Back! :)'s been a while since i last post anything here....:)

Thanks to my new follower and thanks a lot to those who dropped by too...:)

Nuthing much going on in the garden actually...only some herbs survived  being tortured abandoned neglected by the owner of this small garden....:P

But guess what? I've started to sow some seeds today...hopefully those lil darlings will get the attention they deserved from me! :P

In the meantime, enjoy these photos taken from my recent London and Paris trip...Well, not that recent actually....this is one of my dream vacations which came true early May this year...:)

London sight seeing with London Big Bus Tour

Windsor Castle

Rapeseed Field

Lacock where they shoot Pride & Prejudice and Harry Potter movie..:)

Breathtaking view at the city of Bath

Photos of flowers captured nearby Eiffel Tower

I wish i could buy and bring these back home...:)

Gotta love this! :)

Sunday market near our hotel (Hotel Tourisme)


  1. Welcome back..selamat kembali ke "tanahair" blogging

    1. Tq,Suka2.....insyaallah....will try to update kerap sikit....tq for dropping by....;-)

  2. salam hang kebun...wah nice photos.. nice trip yea..saya pun follower baru jgk nie..selamat berkenalan & teruskan berblogging

  3. Salam UmmuAidan...thanks for dropping by...salam kenal juga..:)

  4. Beautiful, beautiful! You are so lucky to be able to travel to such lovely places.

  5. How I wish i could repeat this trip,Granny.....;)